IBM has delivered a decade of growth after reinventing its business while maintained world-leading R&D investment

Now over 100 years old, Big Blue continues to produce sustained growth through innovating in new areas. With record revenues topping $100bn for the first time, in 2011 IBM continued to be a leading investor in innovation with R&D expenses of over £6bn and received over 6000 US patents for its efforts. With its Growth Markets business, Big Data analytics, cloud services and the Smart Planet initiative all paying dividends, the company is widely viewed to be on a sustained growth trajectory. Positioning itself strongly for another decade of above sector performance, the company sees that its ability to generate, capture and make sense of an increasingly vast array of data around the world as its core strength.

The partner of choice for major organisations from Macy’s to Bharti Airtel, IBM has proved able to keep ahead of not only its traditional peers but also outperform its well-tuned Indian competitors such as Infosys, Wipro and TCS. The 2015 IBM Road Map lays out where the company is headed in the short term and continued investment in long-term foresight is feeding its strategic priorities. With the EBO programme now producing regular flow of new growth platforms that build on to the core business, the key growth initiatives are targeted to contribute an extra $20bn of revenue over the next couple of years. IBMs return to pre-eminence in the IT services sector is seen internally as a sustained path with growth in services and financing being accompanied by software development which expected to contribute over half the company’s revenues by 2015.

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