Qualcomm is developing key wireless technologies for the next generation of global telecom networks.

Powering many of the world’s mobile networks are technologies developed by a select number of companies that have worked in partnership with device manufacturers and network operators. Within these, over the past 30 years US based Qualcomm has become a leader in next generation mobile technologies and a major provider of wireless technology and services. Its varied businesses include the world’s largest fabless semiconductor producer and largest provider of chipset technology, a services business that provides integrated wireless systems to other companies and governments and a technology licensing operation that shares access to Qualcomm platforms.

The company’s $3bn research activities cover a wide remit from the next generation of CDMA, 3G and 4G networks and associated data systems through to the development of new data streaming capabilities, femto-cell systems that provide more localized cellular coverage and augmented reality capabilities that can superimpose virtual content onto users views of the world via their mobiles. With ever more business customers for Qualcomm’s technologies seeking to exploit new opportunities in an increasingly mobile and wireless world, 2011 revenues and profits are both up by over 30% and a steady flow of new patents is laying the foundation for future innovation-driven growth.

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