The leader in biopharmaceuticals and in-vitro diagnostics developing targeted medicines for personalized healthcare

With its Genentech subsidiary now playing an increasing role, Swiss company Roche is growing well. It now has two major business areas – pharmaceuticals and diagnostics – and both are progressing steadily as the organization seeks to deliver its ambition to build a sustainable business ‘from precise diagnosis to targeted therapy’ – Roche is now the world’s biggest biopharmaceuticals company with 14 biopharmaceuticals on the market, the leading supplier of in-vitro diagnostics and an innovator across major disease areas from cancer to virology. During 2011, Roche gained key approvals for several cancer drugs and new medicines for multiple sclerosis showed good progress. The company was again named leader in the healthcare sector in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the third year in a row.

Spending over 8bn Swiss francs on R&D, Roche is a major global investor in innovation and continues to see this as a priority as it aims to build leadership in areas including oncology, diabetes, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and neuroscience. The company is working on personalized medicines for hepatitis C, for asthma, and drugs to alleviate or cure various disorders of the central nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and depression. It has more than 200 drug development projects in which it is doing research that could lead to a companion diagnostic. Indeed, looking forward as molecular biology is ushering in a new era in medicine. Roche sees that as its understanding of the underlying biology of diseases grows, so will its ability to develop targeted medicines and diagnostics and so be part of the community making personalized healthcare a reality.

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