With over 8.8m customers a day, UPS is growing its logistics services globally with a highly tuned process at the core.

Increasingly global, UPS is playing well across the world as it develops its logistics capability to accommodate and enable the major shifts taking place in global trade. Increasingly strong in China, 30% of the US business is focused on delivery of internet purchases and, as a leader in the field of third party logistics or 3PL, UPS is now running more and more of others companies supply chains. Technology development has been well focused with continued enhancement of speed and efficiency taking place across the board. With its 8 major WorldPort hubs the company has all major countries covered: the main hub in Louisville sorts over 400,000 packages every hour. From the introduction of advanced tele-matics to the leading the shift to electric delivery vehicles in many markets, UPS is seen as the driver of change in innovation and sustainability in the logistics sector.

With revenues now topping $53bn, 8.8m daily customers and over 100m delivery vehicles, the company’s ability to reach globally is unquestioned. In 2011, UPS financially delivered over $5bn in free cash flow as it correspondingly physically delivered over 4bn items. Recent innovations include UPS My Choice and UPS Returns Exchange have kept the company at the forefront in the B2C market. Technology developments such as keyless entry systems and network planning tools are being rolled out while an additional 1.6m sq ft of healthcare compliant warehousing giving a total of 5m across 33 global facilities is providing UPS a major business in delivering drugs and medical devices to medical facilities and patients’ homes alike. In 2011 new services and new routes helped increase revenues by 7.2% while profits rose by over 23%.

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