About Us

The Innovation Leaders analysis is an independent research programme undertaken by specialists from across the innovation arena with in-depth knowledge of the sectors featured. It is based on publicly available information and so is seen as been objective and impartial.

The Innovation Leaders programme was conceived by and is managed by Dr Tim Jones, a recognised expert in innovation: He has helped many of the world’s leading companies identify new innovation spaces, highlight emerging growth areas and define and implement new innovation strategies and business models. As such, through working with multiple organisations, back in 1999, Tim saw the need for an independent, comprehensive and holistic view of current innovation performance across different sectors and so developed the core methodology used for the analysis.

The Innovation Leaders analysis has now been run for 15 years and the detailed assessment for each sector is undertaken by a team of innovation and strategy expertise who continually track developments in the respective areas. In addition through workshops and advisory support, these experts provide insights on new innovation approaches to companies in these sectors and also speak at public conferences and corporate innovation events.

In 2012 the potential for using the Innovation Leaders analysis as the basis for a long term investment fund was discussed and since explored in depth. Following favourable results in a ten year back-test, in March 2013 the Innovation Leaders Fund was launched and is now delivering very good returns. This US based fund will be made open to external investment in April 2016.


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